There was a little boy down on the beach with stranded starfish as far as the eye could see. One by one an older man saw the little boy picking the starfish up and throwing them back into the sea. The man walks up to the boy and says, "You know, you're not making any difference..." The boy looked at the man, bent down, picked a starfish up and threw him back into the sea. The boy looked back up at the man and said, "It made a difference to that one..."

Our purpose is to give a voice to the present and future Drug War Victims. We here at Drug War Victims, are driven by the desire to Help the Helpless and give Hope to the Hopeless. In our country, The Drug War has created Millions of Victims throughout the World. We have a beautiful and prosperous country but we have some serious problems as well. We bring to light the daily Injustice of the Drug War and Present Solutions to fix the issues while giving Love to the Victims. Contact Us so we can Begin Healing Your Community Today!!!

Drug War Victims Survive

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