We Didn't Find The Drug War, The Drug War Found Us...

One of the truest fighters in this generation, Nate Diaz, said, "I didn't find fighting, fighting found me." As a result Nate Diaz has represented his life accordingly and has become the People's Champion and won the admiration of millions. Nate Diaz encourages people to represent their life accordingly. We here at Drug War Victims live by that advice. The founders of Drug War Victims have been victims themselves. We know the anxiety of facing prison time. We know the pain of losing our homes while being locked in a jail cell. We know how it feels to have our money and medicine taken from us leaving us in pain and agony. We also know how to become Victors overcoming and still surviving these atrocities. These experiences have filled us with resolve, compassion and righteous anger at the injustices that go on day after day in this country. 

Our supporters believe that the Drug War is a War on People that has led to much more harm than good. As a team we bring awareness to the darkest and most uneducated places in this country. Our team is brave that goes against the flow. We promote that the current practice of arresting, seizing property and cash while destroying millions of lives has got to be defeated. By hitting the streets an educating the public we can make the legislative changes that need to be made for our children and grandchildren. We invite you to join Drug War Victims in the mission of the ending the phrase,"Drug War Victims" Not One More...Join Us Today!!!

   "Education of the Mind Without Education of the Heart is No Education at All..."         Aristotle

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