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The War on Drugs has turned out to be a War on Moms, Dads & Children. This war has created Millions of Widows & Orphans. We provide financial and spiritual support to these victims. We have already witnessed a generation of an Unjust War. We want to usher in the Generation of Healing.

"Every Charitable Act is a Stepping Stone Towards Heaven" Fresh Quotes
"Pure & Undefiled Religion is to visit the Widows & Orphans during their time of affliction." James
"When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Our Duty" Thomas Jefferson
"All the Hero's of Tomorrow are the Heretics of Today" Yip Harburg
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Drug War Victim United

The "War on Drugs" (The War on Human Beings) doesn’t come cheap. As of Nov. 18, federal and local governments have spent more than $36 BILLION on the "Drug War" effort in 2016 alone. Our tax dollars are supporting UNJUST and UNGODLY laws. We can't stop paying taxes but we can choose to start fighting back. We need all the VICTIMS of this WAR to realize that one day they will be the VICTORS. Knowledge is Power. We aim to spread the facts. Join Us in Spreading the Good News...THE DRUG WAR HAS FAILED and FREEDOM is COMING SOON!!!

Do you want to Stand Up for the kid who is getting bullied? If so, join us. Do you want to reach out to the person that has been beaten up, left by a ditch that everyone steps over and ignores? If so, Join us. If you don't show mercy for the rejected and despised, well, you're on the wrong team. We invite you to our side...The Right Side...LOVE IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE the WINNER!

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Peace to You and Yours...

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The War on Drugs is a War on Us

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